Two Situations in Which You Should Give Someone Vouchers for Guitar Lessons as a Gift

Posted on: 28 December 2020

Below are a few examples of the situations in which it might be nice to give someone you know vouchers for guitar lessons as a gift.

They own a guitar but are struggling to motivate themselves to practise

Lots of people purchase guitars with the intention of teaching themselves to play, only to end up leaving their instrument to gather dust in a corner of their house. If this has happened to a friend of yours, then you should consider giving them guitar lesson vouchers.

Whilst it is definitely possible for a person to teach themselves to play the guitar, it is harder than it seems. This is not only because the person can never know for certain if, for example, they're using the wrong strumming technique or holding their guitar incorrectly (because they're not receiving instruction from a qualified guitarist) but also because, without the structure of weekly or fortnightly lessons, they often find themselves unable to muster up the discipline to practise regularly and tackle the less enjoyable aspects of mastering the guitar.

Giving the guitar owner in your life some vouchers for lessons could help them to practise more consistently, in a manner that will allow them to progress, because they will have to see and answer to their teacher each week and will be assigned homework that will push them to practise on the days that they don't have lessons.

They've taken a break from lessons due to a drop in their income

If you know someone who has been taking lessons and working hard to become a better guitar player, but they have had to take an extended break from their lessons because they can no longer afford them, then vouchers for a few lessons could be a great gift.

Giving them these vouchers would ensure that the progress they previously made won't be lost as a result of them missing out on months of instruction by their teacher. This is worth noting as, without regular lessons, a budding guitarist could easily forget how to perform certain chord progressions or how to tune their guitar correctly. Giving them this gift will also mean that, if they are having money worries in general as a result of their drop in income, they will still be able to distract themselves and have a regular treat in the form of their lessons, in spite of their challenging financial situation.

If you decide to do this, it might be best to give them vouchers for lessons with the teacher they had been previously working with, or for a teacher who specialises in this style of guitar playing your friend is interested in (such as classical or rock, for example).