• Two Situations in Which You Should Give Someone Vouchers for Guitar Lessons as a Gift

    Below are a few examples of the situations in which it might be nice to give someone you know vouchers for guitar lessons as a gift. They own a guitar but are struggling to motivate themselves to practise Lots of people purchase guitars with the intention of teaching themselves to play, only to end up leaving their instrument to gather dust in a corner of their house. If this has happened to a friend of yours, then you should consider giving them guitar lesson vouchers.
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  • Thee Factors You Should Consider When Renting An Instrument

    Instrument rental is a great way for people with all different types of musical experience to get their hands on their instrument of choice. Whether you are trying to get back into the woodwind habit after years away or you are picking up that trombone for the first time, instrument rental allows you the option to do so very easily. Before you sign the paperwork, however, there are a few factors you should consider which could make your experience even better.
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